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A CRM system should make your life easier, not more complicated. We’ll take the stress out of your customer relationship management and let you get back to business.

With over 20+ years combined Salesforce experience and four active certifications, we have the expertise and the passion to make your next project a success.

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Meet Our Team:

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we also have locations in Houston, San Francisco, and Germany, and our clients and partners span the globe.

We thrive on transparency, trust, and fresh ideas – the fresher the better.

We collaborate nonstop with creativity and enthusiasm.

Our work ethic can be described as both relaxed and rigorous, and we love what we do.

Who needs play when work is this fun?

We love Salesforce and can’t wait to do business with you!

Jenn Sanders ☁

Jenn Sanders ☁

CEO & Principal Consultant

Jenn Sanders brings a decade of Salesforce experience to the table, along with four active Salesforce certifications and a Masters degree in Education, tailored to organizational theory. She is also quadrilingual in Spanish, German, Italian, and English; an avid world traveller; and an advocate for the arts.

Charlie Sanders

Charlie Sanders

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie has an almost magical ability to turn ideas into a working reality, and he does so at light speed. A longtime programmer, Charlie brings a unique set of skills to the Salesforce community, such as:

  • Full App Development
  • Java  and SQL Expertise
  • Apex and SOQL Expertise
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis

Charlie is really looking forward to working with Einstein, the cutting-edge machine learning tool from Salesforce.


Sandra Korth

Sandra Korth

Chief Strategy Officer

With a degree in Mathematics and a career that would make the most talented computer scientist green with envy, Sandra brings a very valuable and unique perspective to LoveYourCRM.

After leaving her position as VP at a global bank where she oversaw billions of financial transactions a day, she joined LoveYourCRM as Chief Strategy Officer in June of 2016.


Robert Talamantez

Robert Talamantez

Lead Salesforce Developer & Designer

Robert has been developing full stack applications for the last five years and has technical expertise spanning a decade. His keen eye and undeniable artistic abilities make him an excellent UI developer.

From Salesforce to the Internet of Things, Robert Talamantez has a driving passion that cannot be ignored.

Liam Hurwitz

Liam Hurwitz

Salesforce Intern

Liam has a long history of technical expertise and is now using it to assist in Salesforce development using Apex and Visualforce.

He has a lifelong love of technology and all things digital, making him a great all-around problem-solver.

Brian Garland

Brian Garland

Senior Web Application Developer

It isn't often you meet a mountain climber and a developer in one, but Brian has a propensity to surprise and delight. A best practice theorist, he is as ready to mentor as he is to write clean code. His interests lie in artificial intelligence as well as video and design. 

Chad Falterman

Chad Falterman

Salesforce Analyst

For a hockey fan, Chad sure does like to collect degrees. After exploring the various avenues of CRM, he saw the light of Salesforce. Talk to Chad if you'd like to have a thoughtful listen.